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Our core products are complemented by a number of additional value added products, the range of Specialties. Jungbunzlauer has developed a variety of citrate salts and esters, which are used in food, pharmaceutical and also technical applications.

Jungbunzlauer is a world-leading producer of CITROFOL®, a range of citrate esters which are more and more used as safe plasticisers to replace phthalates in sensitive applications. ESSICCUM®, the crystalline acidulant with a pleasant vinegar taste is used in the food industry world-wide. Also sodium diacetate is a carrier of acetic acid and finds usage as flavouring and pH-control agent. "Functional Acids and Salts" are products with specially designed properties; improved compressibility or decreased reactivity with other ingredients in dry blends are examples for superior solutions for our customers. Additionally, sub4salt® to reduce sodium/salt levels complete the range of our Specialties for different applications in the food industry.

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