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SpecKare TM BSA(Betaine Salicylate)|CAS NO.: 17671-53-3--Spec-Chem Industry Inc.

SpecKare TM BSA(Betaine Salicylate)

Hair careSpecKare TM BSA(Betaine Salicylate) New Product Code: 120017 Product Code: SC-4708 INCI Name: Betaine Salicylate CAS NO.: 17671-53-3 ELINCS NO.: -- ● Betaine salicylate combines perfectly the benefits of salicylic acid with the unique and gentle skin improvement properties,it can improve skin conditions wildly,that has antimicrobial properties and exfoliating moisturizing functions. ● Anti-acne and Anti-microbial Formulations; ● Exfoliation Applications with Anti-Irritation Claims; ● Leave-on and Rinse-off Applications.

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