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Sports Nutrition

Biomylz sports nutrition segment enables health and wellness experts to expand their area of practice. You'll combine athlete centred nutrition with exercise knowledge and build competence in personal training and fitness. Our range of sports nutrition products have proven benefits scientifically evaluated globally allowing you to plan your fitness around your schedule. Our product selection and qualitative manufacturing aspects embraces a variety of backgrounds like nutrition, exercise physiology, kinesiology, athletic training, sports medicine, biology, physical therapy and nursing. Sports Nutrition products opens up a world of scientific innovation, research and the related application of specially designed nutritional support that can help sports-people to overcome setbacks and achieve their goals. You will learn to make decisions in complex and unpredictable situations, and you will ultimately contribute to the essential support framework demanded by the sport industry for success. Biomylz has a basket of products that fuel your body, optimize your recovery, maintain your endurance, enabling you to marathon.