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Spray Dried Nutrients - Watson Inc.

Spray Dried Nutrients

What is a Spray Dryer? A spray dryer, such as the one pictured above, is used to dry a product quickly. Spray driers are very effective; in a single step they can turn a solution into a dried powder. Dry powders are often easier to handle in production. This also allows ingredients that would otherwise be liquids to be incorporated into dry powder blends such as premixes. The resulting powders formed from the spray drying process are free flowing and easy to handle and scale. A spray drier works by separating the solids from a liquid through evaporation. To do this a liquid is sprayed through a nozzle into a hot vapor stream. The solids form from the liquid as the moisture leaves the droplets. The solid is collected as it passes through the outlet. Labspraydryer Laboratory-scale spray dryer. A=Solution or suspension to be dried in B=Atomization gas in 1=Drying gas in 2=Heating of drying gas 3=Spraying of solution or suspension 4=Drying chamber 5=Part between drying chamber and cyclone 6=Cyclone 7=Drying gas is taken away 8=Collection vessel of product, arrows mean that this is co-current lab-spraydryer

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