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ST-2200A Industrial Moisture Management System | Sensortech Systems


ST-2200A Sensortech’s ST-2200A Moisture Measurement and Control System is designed for continuous monitoring of moisture composition in harsh environments where extreme temperatures, severe vibration, and excessive dust or debris typically exclude the use of other methods of moisture measurement. Dielectric Moisture Measurement The ST-2200A uses a proprietary Radio Frequency Dielectric Measurement to analyze the moisture composition of your product. In contrast to the surface measurement techniques of Near Infrared Reflectance (NIR) and Thermal Imaging technologies, the RF energy deeply penetrates the product minimizing the influence of moisture distribution. Moisture Sensors Sensortech produces more than 40 RF sensor styles to satisfy most manufacturing locations and requirements. The ST-2200A provides an advanced level of stability, repeatability and precision measurement regardless of environment and product complexity.

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