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We offer Agrana organic corn starches (Maisita) and organic potato starches (Starkina), each in several types to suit a wide variety of applications.

The Quemina line of pre-gelatinized starches come in three varieties, corn, waxy maize, and potato. These organic starches are the best choice when a cold-mix is required.

The Agenajel starches are stabilized and are much more suitable for high-acid recipes since they resist syneresis.

All of our organic starches are also available as non-GMO.

  • QUEMINA: organic fat-replacing pre-gel corn starch 
  • MAISITA: organic corn starch 
  • MAISITA: organic waxy maize starch 
  • STARKINA: organic potato starch 
  • STARKINA: organic low-moisture (6%) potato starch 
  • QUEMINA: organic pre-gelatinized corn starch 
  • QUEMINA: organic pre-gelatinized potato starch 
  • QUEMINA: organic pre-gelatinized waxy maize starch 
  • AGENAJEL: organic stabilized corn starch 
  • AGENAJEL: organic stabilized waxy maize starch
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