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STARCHES – Organic or Non-GMO

Potato Starches

unmodified | low moisture | modified

Corn Starches

unmodified | low moisture | modified | heat treated | pharma grade

Wheat Starch


Waxy Maize Starches

unmodified | modified

Are specialty starches that yield clear pastes upon cooling that are also non congealing. They are primarily used a thickening agents in puddings and sauces. Some types also improve shear stability and freeze/thaw stability.

Pregelatinized Starches

corn | potato | waxy maize

Are specialty (pre-cooked) starches that permit swelling in cold water (cws = cold water soluble), as compared to natural starches, which require heating. Pregel starches feature excellent thickening properties designed for easy application in unique food products that do not require heat for preparation.

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