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Controlled Release & Lubrication

​Many nutritional supplements contain nutrients that need to be released over a period of time or at a specified time within the body. Controlling the release of certain ingredients allows them to reach their appropriate destination while supporting maximal benefits of the nutritional active. ABITEC supplies a range of products that aid in the controlled release of your nutritional ingredients.


Sterotex® P

Sterotex P is a spray chilled powder produced from fractionated, non-hydrogentated, refined palm oil. It is an excellent ingredient for developing encapsulated multi-particulates, and matrix multi-particulates by means of congealing, hot-melt spraying, or micro-encapsulation processing. Sterotex is utilized as an encapsulating coating or as a matrix material in applications such as controlled release (sustained-release and delayed-release), active barrier protection, and taste masking. Sterotex serves as a uniform, encapsulating outer shell which protects the active and allows for modified release.


Sterotex® NF


STEROTEX NF (Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil Type I) functions both as a boundary lubricant and as a dry binder.  The oleaginous nature of Sterotex NF provides boundary lubrication to direct-compression tableting blends reducing ejection force.  Sterotex NF also plastically deforms at relatively low compression pressures providing increased tablet hardness and reduced tablet friability making it an ideal dry binder for direct compression tableting operations.


  • Freely flowing
  • Plastically deforming at low compression pressures
  • Provides boundary lubrication and reduces ejection force
  • Economical compared to other dry binders
  • Reduced effect on disintegration times compared with magnesium stearate
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