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Tab Labs - Products: Stress Relaxant Gum

Stress Relaxant Gum

Stress Relaxant Gum We are privileged to introduce a unique “Stress Relaxant Gum” that is made with GRAS-Affirmed functional ingredient (Withania somnifera extract) which provides vitalizing, restorative and nutritive support to address the increasing demands of mental and physical stress. The patented extract is derived from a natural botanical that has been shown in human research to shield the body against the negative effects of stress by balancing and harmonizing the body’s systems and has shown in human clinical trials to actually increase the body’s resistance to stress, thereby opening the metabolic gateway to: • Inhibit fatigue, tension and exhaustion from everyday stressors • Promote mental clarity, concentration, and alertness • Enhance balanced energy levels for physical performance and endurance. The “better for you” stress relaxant gum can feature a variety of substantiated functional food claims in accordance with the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act including: • Stress • Energy • Mental Cognition • Heart Health Claims • Glucose Release

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