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StripPax ® System

Featuring StripPax® Sorbent Packets and StripPax® Packet Dispensers

The StripPax System is your turnkey solution; it combines the advantages of StripPax Sorbent / Desiccant Packets with the proven reliability of our APA-series StripPax Dispensers.  StripPax Packets are designed to manage moisture and / or volatiles within your package headspace to promote product stability. Able to keep up with the fastest packaging line speeds, our dispensers are compatible with a variety of packaging line configurations, including bottling lines, horizontal flow wrappers, VFFS, thermoformed trays, and other layouts. We use only the highest quality sensors, drive mechanisms, and cutters. With optional splicing station cabinets, the StripPax Dispenser does not need to stop for an operator to refill the sorbent packets, offering uninterrupted dispensing. All of these capabilities add up to higher efficiencies for your packaging operations


• Pharmaceutical:

  • Tablets, capsules, and caplets in bottles, blister packs, pouches, or trays
  • Metered dose inhalers in pouches or trays
  • Dry powdered inhalers in pouches or trays
  • Transdermal patches in pouches or trays (secondary packaging)

• Dietary Supplements

  • Tablets, capsules, and caplets in bottles, blister packs, pouches, or trays
  • Powders in bottles or cans

• In-Vitro Diagnostics

  • Devices in pouches or trays

• Medical Devices

  • Devices in pouches or trays

• Pre-Filled Syringe Packaging



  • Offers an integrated system solution
  • Provides turn-key installation and start-up
  • Includes full customer support from sorbent selection through dispenser installation
  • Provides the convenience and simplicity of using a single supplier
  • Provides better reliability and process consistency as compared to manual insertion
  • Offers guaranteed delivery of required sorbent capacity through the use of dry-air or inert gas purge
  • Integrates packet data, such as lot number, manufacture date, and quantity, from the packet spool into your quality system, using Smart Dispensing Technology
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