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Sweeteners – Life Bridge


  Sucralose is a zero-calorie sugar alternative. It is made from actual sugar in a multi-step chemical process, which involves 3 hydrogen-oxygen groups being replaced with chlorine atoms. It was accidentally discovered in 1976 when a British college scientist misunderstood the testing instructions—thus, creating a highly sweet substance. Sucralose was FDA approved in 15 food categories by 1998 and FDA approved for use as a general-purpose sweetener for foods by 1999. It was also introduced to the US in 1999 and is currently one of the most popular sweeteners in the country. Sucralose is commonly used as a sugar substitute in both cooking and baking. It is also added to thousand of food products worldwide. Because Sucralose is so sweet, you only need a tiny amount, which is why the calories and carbs are negligible to your daily caloric intake. Sucralose is 400-700 times sweeter than sugar and does not have a bitter aftertaste like many of the other popular sweeteners, on the market today. Additionally, sucralose is said to have little or no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels, making it diabetic friendly.