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Sunfiber - Taiyo International


Invisible Fiber – Visible Benefits lady eating yogurtThe perfect dietary fiber additive is here – completely tasteless, totally odorless, all natural and completely dissolvable in water. Sunfiber® has no visible effect on your product but significantly boosts its health benefits. This all-natural, soluble dietary fiber improves functionality in foods and beverages. It delivers high fiber content and exhibits excellent stability with respect to pH, heat and freeze/thaw conditions. Sunfiber is clinically proven to lower glycemic index, improve mineral absorption and maintain digestive health. If you want all the benefits of fiber with none of the negatives, your only choice is Sunfiber. Sunfiber provides people with the vital dietary fiber their body needs without altering their favorite drinks or soft foods. Most people know dietary fiber keeps the body regular. What most people don’t know is that they need more fiber than most diets provide. The American Diabetic Association found Americans get only half of the 25 – 35 grams of dietary fiber needed daily.

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