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T. Hasegawa USA | flavors,fragrances,Non-GMO flavors,Organic Compliant,Natural,Kosher,Halal,Culinary expertise


SWEET/DAIRY/BAKERY  - Artistry Sweet, Dairy and Bakery flavors are more popular than ever and subject to the same consumer trends for indulgence, artisanal flavors and healthfulness. Our experts know how to create sweet and savory flavors that meet the unique processing requirements for baking and dairy-based food products. Our expertise in these areas include: Breads Cakes Candies Cereal Cheese Cookies Frozen treats Glaze Ice Cream Milk products Muffins Nutrition bars Pies Sauces Seasonings Sorbets Soy milk Spreads Syrups Toppings Yogurts These flavors are offered in liquid and powder form.