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• Stevia is a natural, high-intensity sweetener made from the leaves of Stevia rebaudiana. Up to 150 times the sweetness of sugar, Stevia is used at such a low dosage that it does not add calories to the product.

• Xylitol is a sugar alcohol used as a sweetener that is naturally occurring in the fibers of many fruits and vegetables. Xylitol is considered “tooth-friendly” and is used widely in gum, chewable tablets, lozenges, etc. 

• Maltitol is a sugar alcohol is used as a sugar substitute. It has 75 – 90% of the sweetness of sugar, but it has half of the calories. Maltitol does not promote tooth decay, and has a somewhat lesser effect on blood glucose. 

• Inositol is a sugar alcohol that is 50% of the sweetness of sugar. Also known as Vitamin B8, Inositol is one of the B complex vitamins needed by the body in small amounts daily. It is important for the growth of cells in the bone marrow, eye membranes, and intestines.

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