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Biotech processes applied to selected proprietary probiotic strains, belonging to Lactobacilli, Bifidobacteria and other species, to obtain ingredients with highly innovative and scientifically back-grounded character.
SynBalance® AllergAway: fighting sensitization reactions
SynBalance® DefensePlus: body natural defenses
SynBalance® DRstop: frequent bowel movements
SynBalance® EnzyME: food intolerance
SynBalance® Femme: bacterial vaginosis & recurrences
SynBalance® GynElle: vulvo-vaginal candidiasis infections & recurrences
SynBalance® HappyBelly: dysbiosis & intestinal discomfort in children
SynBalance® IntiMum: pregnancy & post pregnancy
SynBalance® KeepCalm: stress relief
SynBalance® LactoSlim: weight management
SynBalance® Lady: UTI in women
SynBalance® MetSyn: metabolic syndrome
SynBalance® ProBeautyShield: skin health
SynBalance® ProstaBiome: UTI in men
SynBalance® SmilinGut: IBS and gastrointestinal disorders
SynBalance® SportMax: sport nutrition
SynBalance® Wellderly: elderly people

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