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Tablet Dust Vacuum


The Tablet Dust Vacuum is a purpose built machine for removing the tabletting dust that is a by-product of all tablet production lines. It can be used with many models of tablet press as well as some capsule fillers. This industrial powder vacuum is also perfect for use with our Tablet De Dusters.

The Tablet Dust Vacuum is popular with producers in the medical, foodstuffs, chemical and similar industries, thanks to its strong suction, large capacity and excellent reliability and durability. It also has a high degree of corrosion resistance thanks to its stainless steel and aluminium alloy construction, which resists moisture and chemical damage. At the same time it has been designed to guard against contaminating the powder it vacuums, therefore allowing the collected powder to be safely reused in appropriate cases.

Safe, GMP compliant and with a silencer mechanism that reduces its noise output, the Tablet Dust Vacuum is simple to operate and built to last.

Main benefits at a glance:

  • High quality stainless steel and aluminium alloy construction resists corrosion
  • High capacity
  • Strong suction
  • Avoids powder contamination
  • Twin dust inlets to serve two machines if required
  • Compatible with wide range of tablet presses and capsule fillers
  • GMP compatible design
  • Reliable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Low noise
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