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We currently have seven tablet presses including two DD series Sentry 23, two higher speed Manesty Express 20s, D16s and a BB3B. These presses can produce round, caplet and oblong shaped tablets. Round sizes vary between 1/4” to 7/8” in diameter ranging from 120 mg to 2700 mg. Large oblong tablets have a size of 7/8” by 3/8” and can range up to 2300 mg. Dealing with fluffy ingredients or raw materials that aren’t really compressible? Not a problem for our presses. They can pre-compress materials to give them the tablet hardness they need. Our variety of tablet press machines gives us the ability to achieve specific hardness parameters at the most efficient rates. We capitalize on part interchangeability, operator knowledge, and consistency. We also specialize in the manufacture of chewable flavoured products. Drawing from a vast assortment of flavours and sweeteners, our Product Development Team can craft chewable tablets that taste great and give off the right mouth feel. Click here to learn more about our expertise in flavour.

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