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Tata Salt Lite - Consumer-products - Products - Tata Chemicals Limited

Tata Salt Lite

Tata Salt Lite…the lighter side of life

Tata Salt Lite is a low-sodium salt from the Tata Salt brand franchise. It has been especially formulated to provide 15 percent lower sodium than ordinary salt. It is generally accepted that lower sodium in the diet assists in the management of blood pressure. Tata Salt LiteThe changing lifestyle of Indian masses, especially changes in food habits and stressful working and living conditions, has led to an exponential increase in lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension, which are also risk factors for heart diseases. In cases of high blood pressure, several dietary restrictions are usually advised, more prominent among them being restricted intake of sodium. Tata Salt Lite was launched to provide consumers who sought preventive measures to control the blood pressure of family members, a convenient means of help in these stressful times. Within the first year of its launch, the brand became the market leader in the low-sodium salt category. In addition, Tata Salt Lite is refined and iodised. It is available in convenient 1kg food grade laminated packs to keep it free-flowing and moisture-free. It is now available in stores in most major cities.

Product characteristics:

  • 15 percent low-sodium salt
  • Iodised salt – iodine content over 15ppm
  • Endorsed by the International Council for control of iodine deficiency disorders
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