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Theracurmin® — Our unique form of curcumin with markedly improved absorptivity.

Curcumin is relatively insoluble in water. When orally ingested, most of the curcumin is excreted without being absorbed in the small intestine. It is clear that, to obtain maximum benefits, it is most important to improve the body’s systemic absorption of the ingested curcumin.

Theracurmin® is an innovative curcumin formulation featuring dramatically enhanced absorption and bioavailability. Developed using our fine granulation and suspension technology, Theracurmin® is in the form of sub-micron particles that are stabilized when dispersed in water.


Theracurmin® — Summary of Key Features.

• Markedly improved biological absorption
• Equivalent or higher absorptivity with approx. 1/30 the dosage of conventional products
• Easily dispersible in water with almost no precipitation
• Brilliant yellow color
• Almost no taste or smell
• Excellent light and heat resistance
• Readily washable production line
• Applicable to various products regardless of their forms

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