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TheraPrimE™ Vitamin E & Tocopherols

TheraPrimE™ Vitamin E – Available in conventional and Non-GMO

TheraPrimE™ vitamin E is the most effective and highest quality product of 100% natural-source vitamin E from global natural products pioneer BGG, who is dedicated to providing natural-source products for customers worldwide. TheraPrimE™ natural-source vitamin E is derived from soybean vegetable oil by utilizing the advanced extraction and separation technology. TheraPrimE™ natural vitamin E series products provide a wide range of manufacturer-friendly forms including alcohols, acetates and succinates for capsule, tablet and compounding applications in dietary supplement, food, and cosmetics industries.

Comprehensive product range for a wide variety of applications
• Derived from natural sources
• Pure natural form with high potency and efficacy
• Secure, safe and stable supply
• Trusted, experienced manufacturer

Health Benefits of TheraPrimE™
• Protecting cells from free radical damage
• Decreasing risk markers associated with certain cancers
• Reducing LDL cholesterol level
• Immune booster
• Protection against the risk of cataract formation

TheraPrimE™ – Solution of Your Natural VE Formulations
BGG’s TheraPrimE™ natural-source vitamin E products parallel the vitamin E found in our mother nature. They are available either as d-α-tocopherol or a mixture of all four d-isomers of natural tocopherols (α-, β-, γ-, δ-). Using proprietary technology, BGG is dedicated to providing natural-source products for customers worldwide. You can be assured that BGG produces only the highest quality natural-source vitamin E.

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