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TLC Visualizer 2

TLC Visualizer 2

The visual presentation of the complete chromatogram showing
all samples and standards side by side is one of the most convincing
arguments for Thin-Layer Chromatography. No other
chromatographic technique can directly express the result as a
color image and make it available for visual evaluation.
To reproducibly acquire and preserve best quality images of TLC/
HPTLC chromatograms under different illumination modes this
high-end imaging and documentation system is now available.
With its new digital CCD camera a maximum resolution of
82 μm on the plate is obtained.
For electronic image acquisition the camera – like the human
eye – captures polychromatic visible light. Under white light
illumination it is the light reflected from the layer background.
Under long-wavelength UV light (366 nm) it is the light emitted
by fluorescent substances. When short-wavelength UV light
(254 nm) is used, substances absorbing UV 254 nm appear as
dark zones, provided the layer contains a fluorescence indicator
(fluorescence quenching).

Key Features

- Reproducible high-quality images acquired under homogenous
illumination with the selected light
- Easy and intuitive operation with visionCATS
- High-dynamic-range imaging (HDRI)
- Side by side comparison of tracks originating from the same or
different plates and/or different illumination modes
- Various image enhancement tools, e.g. “Spot Amplification”,
“Clean Plate Correction” and “Exposure Normalization”
- Image-based profile generation from reference and
sample tracks, and subsequent peak integration and calibration

- New digital CCD camera with a maximum resolution
of 82 μm on the plate
- USB 3.0 for easy PC connection
- Meets all requirements to be used in a cGMP/cGLP environment
- IQ/OQ qualification and 21 CFR Part 11 readKey Features


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