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Trade name: Triacontanol; Myricyl Alcohol; Melissyl Alcohol
Physiological Function

  • Improve burgeon of seed
  • Improve the growth of plant cell
  • Improve the growth of root and leaf
  • Improve the flower
  • Improve the yield
  • Improve quality
  • Improve the adsorption of water
  • Improve the adsorption of mineral elements
  • Improve the assay of chlorophyll
  • Improve the storage of energy
  • Improve the activity of enzyme and breathe
  • Improve the resistance to bad condition

Quality Index

  • Appearance : white powder
  • Chemical formula : CH3(CH2)28CH2OH
  • Molecular formula : 438.5
  • Melting point : 80-83ºC
  • Relative density : 0.770
  • Stability : stable in light, air and alkali
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