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TurmXTRA 60N (Water Dispersible Turmeric Extract)

TurmXTRA 60N is Inventia’s Patent-pending Proprietary Standardized Water Dispersible Turmeric Extract. Differentiated from the other Turmeric Extracts in the market on multiple grounds namely –

  • 10 times lower dose than standard Turmeric extract
  • Highest content of Curcuminoids​ 
  • Free from Chemical Surfactants
  • No Synthetic excipients, only natural Excipients
  • GRAS
  • Clinically Validated through PK against standard Turmeric Extract

TurmXTRA 60N is designed to offer multiple benefits to formulators - use of a smaller dose, of TurmXTRA 60N to get a comparable level of curcuminoids in the plasma, allowing convenience in combination with other ingredients. Its water-dispersible properties lend itself to use across multiple formats (tablets, capsules, jelly, gummies, powders or stick packs as per the choice of the Brand)