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USPlus® Saw Palmetto – Valensa

USPlus® Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto A Natural for Men’s Urinary Tract Health Saw palmetto extract is derived from the ripe berries of Serenoa repens – a palm that is native only to the far Southeastern region of the United States. Clinical studies conducted around the world indicate that saw palmetto is effective in controlling the most common urinary flow problems observed in nearly all men beyond the age of 50. In vitro tests further confirm that its mechanism of action is based on it ability to inhibit 5-alpha reductase mediated transformation of testosterone to the more potent hormone dihydrotestosterone whose abundance has been linked to poor urinary flow in older men. Because saw palmetto extracts offer such good relief from these age related problems as a nutritional intervention, and because these plant extracts avoid the considerable adverse side-effects associated with current drug therapy options, it is no wonder that saw palmetto extracts are such a popular dietary supplement for men. Thus for aging men, the dietary consumption of saw palmetto extract is a well-established, safe and effective method of managing this age related problem. High Quality Saw Palmetto Purity is our point of difference. In today’s market, where you source your saw palmetto can make a big difference in the quality and effectiveness of final product you sell to consumers. Valensa’s USPlus® Prostate Formula is the industry standard for quality. Annually, our ripe saw palmetto berries are collected in t

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