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VALTYRON for Heart Health

VALTYRON for Heart Health by Maintainging Normal Blood Pressure

VALTYRON® - A novel way to protect your heart by maintaining normal blood pressure, derived from nature

VALTYRON® is a clinically studied and patent-protected peptide extract made from the hydrolyzed protein found in sardine muscle, a nature-based functional food.

Maintaining normal blood pressure is good for your heart, brain, kidneys, and eyes. In most cases, you can manage your blood pressure by getting physical activity, not smoking, keeping a healthy weight, managing stress, eating a healthy diet.

VALTYRON® helps your long-term healthy eating plan away from the discontent of limited diets for maintaining normal blood pressure.

 Fi Global Insight

  • US Patent No. 6,905,704

  • EFSA Panel, Scientific Opinion on the safety of ‘sardine Peptide Product’, (2010)

  • GRAS: GRN000360 FDA 2011

  • NDI Notification Report #845, 2014

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