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Vanilla – Tastepoint by IFF


As the world’s most popular flavor, vanilla is a perennial favorite across a wide selection of applications ranging from dairy to culinary and truly everything in between. At Tastepoint, we recognize and value how much vanilla has been, and continues to be, at the core of so much of what we do as a flavor company. This is why one of our working goals is to become unquestionably preeminent in all things vanilla. Request a sample When it comes to procuring vanilla, we employ a balanced approach; buying opportunistically and contracting with reliable vendors and brokers for larger quantities over time. Three generations of legacy David Michael & Company leadership have cultivated resource relationships with growers and curers in all of the vanilla-producing regions. This enables us to source from a variety of regional markets and an array of channels including: direct from farms, local partners and international exporters. Our well-established and trusted relationships allow us to gain access to the best price and quality of the market when available, and to ensure supply at a minimum when it is not. Our vanilla technology products do more than just provide the solution to a supply and demand problem in an array of sweet and savory applications; they can also deliver a signature flavor profile to your finished food product, and cost-savings in use. Whether the vanilla market is stable and economical or in a crisis, as your partner, Tastepoint’s assortment of unique vanilla solutions can meet the demands.

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