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Vegatable Hard Capsule Manufacturers and Suppliers - Organic, Kosher, Halal, Price - Genex Bio-Tech

Vegatable Hard Capsule

Product Name : Vegatable hard capsule Generally speaking, there are two major types of capsules and these are described as hard capsules and soft capsules. Hard capsules, also called hollow capsules, consist of two parts; the cap and the body. Soft capsules are produced with film-forming materials with the contents which are processed into the final product . Based on the raw materials used, hard capsules are divided into two catagories: Gelatin capsule and vegatable capsule( vegetarian capsule) Introduction of vegatable hard capsule The raw material for vegetarian capsules is cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharide. Construction is similar to the Gelatin capsules. They also meet the needs of all natural positioning and capsule preparation solutions. The capsules can also support custom printing which produces a unique custom appearance. Vegetarian capsules have all the advantages of hollow gelatin capsules such as: convenient to use, effectively hides the taste and smell of the ingredients but they also meet the dietary needs of the modern discriminating consumer.

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