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Veggiesoft® │ Sirio Pharma


Veggiesoft® – Patented Technology Veggiesoft® is Sirio’s patented vegetarian softgel technology. Veggiesoft® is giant leap forward for the nutraceuticals industry as a vegetarian product and is unique to Sirio. Instead of gelatin, which is derived from bovine, porcine or fish derivatives, Veggiesoft® is based on plant-based gels. Derived from red algae, this combines starch and plant glycerol to encapsulate functional ingredients, creating a real breakthrough in softgel technology. Veggiesoft® not only meets the demands for natural and green dietary supplements from consumers, but also confers better heat stability than ordinary softgels. Sirio was the first manufacturer in China to both master this technology and incorporate it into large-scale production.

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