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Protein Solutions | Axiom Foods

Vegotein™ MA,

Vegotein™ MA, made from Yellow Peas, is an innovative pea protein meat analogue and extender boasting an 80% protein level. Featuring the soy-free and gluten-free guarantee*, it is shown to be the highest gel strength, water holding capacity and emulsion stability when tested against two of Roquette’s pea proteins. Due to the superior functionality combined with a slightly salty, umami flavor profile, Vegotein™ MA has a primary application for extruded meat analogue products but it can also be considered for multiple other applications. • Allergen-friendly • Non-GMO • Vegan/Vegetarian • Contributes to a clean label • Steady commercial supply • Works well as a binder • Economical • Replaces Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) • Replaces soy and wheat gluten • Mechanically separated • No contamination with growth hormones • Sustainable resource, low carbon footprint • Aids satiety as a dietary protein source • Ease of digestibility at all ages • Naturally cholesterol-free • Excellent source of iron

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