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Velositol: Muscle Growth Activator


Velositol® is a revolutionary ingredient that enhances the power of protein and BCAAs – which in-turn increases muscle protein synthesis, a key to muscle growth. Velositol is a patent-protected complex that has been clinically shown to work in a single dose. When combining a single dose of Velositol with a dose of whey protein, the ingredient has been shown to increase the effects on muscle protein synthesis versus whey protein alone.

Additionally, when combined with BCAAs, Velositol was shown to increase muscle protein synthesis by 25% versus BCAAs alone, and accelerated muscle protein synthesis when combined with plant protein by 43% versus plant protein alone.

The primary benefit of protein is its ability to stimulate muscle protein synthesis, which affects the body’s ability to build lean muscle and repair muscle damage due to exercise. Velositol has also been shown to enhance the body’s insulinogenic response, which increases amino uptake and provides fuel for working muscles. This ingredient is self-affirmed as GRAS for use in protein/BCAA drinks (including ready-to-drink and powder), meal replacements, energy and protein bars.

Consumer benefits include: accelerates and boosts muscle protein synthesis, promotes lean body mass, supports quicker muscle recovery, and enhances the body’s insulinogenic function.



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