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Veri-sperse™ resveratrol CWD 90%

Veri-Sperse™ resveratrol CWD 90%

Evolva has partnered with Pharmako Biotechnologies to create Veri-Sperse™ CWD 90%, using LipiSperse® Dispersion Technology*. With a 90% trans-resveratrol content, this unique ingredient system is designed to deliver a large amount of resveratrol into aqueous environments in a simple, effective way. With a neutral taste, the system is easy to flavor in a variety of formulations.

*LipiSperse® is a patented, novel system tailored to increase the dispersion of crystalline lipophilic agents in aqueous environments.
LipiSperse® is a registered trademark of Pharmako Biotechnologies. Veri-te™ is a trademark of Evolva.

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