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Veriflow® Campylobacter

Protect your brand with the most robust detection tools in the food industry

Veriflow® Campylobacter provides robust specificity and sensitivity when testing challenging matrices in present in poultry processing without complex and time consuming sample preparation.

Veriflow technology is proven to provide rapid, accurate, actionable detection of pathogen and spoilage indicators – with no compromises on ease of use and affordability. The technology is easily deployed onsite allowing you to identify microbial risks, take corrective action, and prevent large-scale contamination.

The Veriflow system is comprised of a small customized thermocycler, pre-aliquoted PCR reagent tubes, and proprietary buffers and hand-held cassette. Test results are garnered with less than 15 minutes of end user hands-on time per sample.

Unmatched specificity

AOAC Performance Testing MethodsSM Program was utilized for validation and verification of assay performance, with no significant difference in performance and no false positive or false negative results observed in the study.

  • Broad inclusivity of 50 Campylobacter isolates with 100% detection rate
  • Correctly excludes all 35 applicable isolates tested

Unrivaled sensitivity

The robust Veriflow platform performs at the highest levels of accuracy in challenging poultry matrices such as carcass rinsates, boot and fecal swabs, and processed products such broth and MDM.

  • Target amplification of a conserved gene marker for Campylobacter
  • Reliable results in even the most challenging matrices

Unsurpassed ease of use

The Veriflow system is ideally suited for onsite implementation, with a modest capital investment and affordable per test cost.

  • Results in 24 hours versus multiple days with traditional methods
  • Does not require gas packs or microaerophilic enrichment conditions associate with conventional rapid methods
  • Compatible with carcass rinsates across all steps of processing including boot swabs, re-hangs, and post chill samples
  • Eliminates the need for two-step enrichment and DNA extraction sample preparation
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