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Victory ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil - Victory Hemp Foods - American Grown Hemp Ingredients

Victory ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil

Victory ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil offers a unique combination of functional, flavor and nutritional attributes valuable for culinary, skin care and other uses that will benefit from the nutritional advantages of hemp seed oil combined with a light color and flavor.

Flavor: Lightly nutty, similar to pine nuts.

Visual: Light, straw-colored oil.

Nutrition: Victory ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil comes from pressing always non-GMO, U.S. grown hemp seed hearts. We remove the shells before pressing to reach the light color and neutral flavor that makes Victory ONE so versatile. By starting with hemp hearts, we make Victory ONE™ Hemp Heart Oil without the use of hexane or the typical refining steps for oils.

Uses: Food & Beverage Manufacturers, Skin Care, CBD, Retailers, Foodservice

Availability: Planned availability in Q4 2019. Now accepting pre-orders.

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