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Vincamine - Botanical Ingredient - Linnea


 VINCAMINE (PH.F) DMF Linnea extracts and manufactures Vincamine as a botanical ingredient for pharmaceutical purposes. Vincamine is a plant alkaloid first extracted in industrial quantities in 1955 by a team of scientists investigating on agents with vasoactive properties. They found that agents with indolic skeleton selectively improve the cerebral blood supply and introduced their use in the treatment of cerebrovascular disorders [1]. The increasing percentage of elderly individuals suffering from age-associated cognitive impairment and the lack of effective medical treatment have become a major health concern due to the large number of individuals experiencing dementia. Eighty percent of elderly individuals in North American and European populations show signs of cerebrovascular disease and mixed vascular cognitive impairment with a risk of regression to Alzheimer disease and dementia. Many conditions of cognitive decline share common causative or contributory factors. The principal causes of a progressive decline in brain function are decreased cerebral blood flow, insufficient cerebral circulation, and a reduction in cerebral metabolism and oxygen utilization. Vincamine was the first natural ingredient found to be effective in retarding the effects of the multiple mechanisms and factors responsible for cognitive decline.

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