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Vitamin, Mineral & Botanical Supplement Manufacturing

Highest Quality Raw Materials and Exacting Formulations 

Give Potent, High Quality Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

If you've read the papers recently, you've undoubtedly seen articles criticizing some vitamin and mineral supplement manufacturers for misstating potency or otherwise having poor quality. At Paragon Laboratories, we take great pride in the very high quality of vitamin and mineral supplements we produce for our clients.

Because we manufacture supplements in large batch quantities, we have exceptional relationships with our raw material suppliers and always receive the freshest possible ingredients. Our in-house laboratory verifies both raw materials as they come in, and the finished products from production, to provide the highest quality vitamin, botanical and mineral supplements possible. 

If you have unusual requirements for vitamin or mineral supplement production, our technical staff is very adept at developing custom formulations. At Paragon Laboratories, you can trust the freshness and quality of all our vitamin and mineral supplements.

We can produce your formulations into uniquely shaped tablets, either gelatin or vegetarian two- piece capsules, or powders as you may specify. And we can package them into almost any configurations you can imagine.

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