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WAN JA SHAN® Shoyu Soy Sauce

WAN JA SHAN® Shoyu Soy Sauce is made from the fermented paste of boiled soybeans, salt, water, and sometimes flavorful grain. To make it, soybeans are cooked to fermentation. Then the fermented culture combines with a salt brine and “brews” for a time. The mixture is then pressed to extract the dark brown liquid, and finally, pasteurized before bottled. FOOD APPLICATIONS - Soy is more than just a condiment — it’s a great sauce for dressings, dips, stews, marinades and soups or simply as a flavoring alternative to salt. HEALTH BENEFITS - Soy sauce has a potent flavor, and is rich in antioxidants, isoflavones, and protein. - Provides vitamin B6, good for mood neurotransmitters. - A source of sodium. - Same taste, less sodium than salt. - Anti-allergenic and antioxidant properties.