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沃德药业 - Liver Health From LIVERD

Water Soluble Silybin

Water Soluble Silybin CharacterAmorphous Powder, yellow powder, nearly odorless, bitter in taste and little acerbity, water soluble IntroductionIt is a compound of Silybin and latent solvent. It has hygroscopicity. Silybinin Soluble dissolves in water, dissolve in Methanol, Ethanol in a small degree and dissolve in slight soluble in Acetone. The product can improve the function of active ferment in liver cell. Accelerate detoxifying function of liver. It's used for treating acute hepatitis, chronic hepatitis, initial stages hepatocirrhosis fatty liver, liver damage of intoxication(such as have medicine for long and have hard drink often). Introduction25KG in double polyethylene bags in cardboard drum. StorageIn Tight, Light-resistant and Dry Place. Avoid Direct Sunshine. Shelf LifeTwo Years.

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