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At the present, there is a great demand for higher quality medicine and dietary supplements in order that the world’s people may lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. This of course necessitates accurate measurement of a product’s mass. Qualicaps® has developed easy-to-use, accurate machines to meet your needs for dosage weight inspection. 

CAPSULE WEIGHT INSPECTION MACHINE CWI 60/125/250 The CWI is a highly accurate weight inspection machine especially for capsules. The machine weight checks by electromagnetic force compensation balance, which makes high measuring accuracy possible. The CWI has output ranges from 60,000-250,000/hour. Installation of a conveyor belt after the discharge chute prevents contamination by defective products. The CWI needs no tools to set change parts, allowing for a short changeover period. 

MULTI-DOSAGE WEIGHT INSPECTION: MWI Designed for optimal usage, this MWI inspects the weight of two-piece capsules, softgel capsules and tablets of various shapes and sizes in the same machine. Fewer change parts are needed, which reduces changeover time and costs. The MWI weighs tablets and capsules whose length are up to 22 mm, and guarantees ± 2 mg weighing accuracy* and provides high processing up to 100,000 units/hour**. 
Available: Asia, Europe and America

* ±3mg accuracy for measuring dosages of 501 mg ~2,000 mg
** Processing speed varies per product shape and size. vailable: Asia, Europe and America 

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