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What Makes Us Different?

With a state-of-the-art facility in Ogden, UT, Capstone Nutrition is one of the leading pure-play, turnkey manufacturers in the vitamin, mineral, and supplement industry. Capstone Nutrition is a one-stop-shop for innovators in nutrition, bringing to bear the resources of Cornerstone Research and Development. Since 1992, Capstone companies have been conceiving, developing, producing, and packaging a wide range of capsule, tablet and powder products for a variety of customers in the United States and internationally. Capstone is well known for its exceptional quality, and maintains several industry certifications recognizing its high manufacturing standards, including NSF GMP, NSF for Sport, and Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) certification. Capstone is qualified to produce certified organic products, non-GMO Project certified products, and Halel and Kosher certified products.

Several advantages distinguish Capstone from the rest of the nutrition industry:

  1. We are a pure play partner in product creation through manufacture. We will not become your competitor and are not owned by one of your competitors.
  2. We offer a full turnkey suite of services from product concept to market. We can help you every step of the way, from product ideation through high quality execution to get your product to market.
  3. We are leaders in nutrition innovation and science. Our Ph.D.-lead research and development team and CIA program give you access to the best research and innovation in the industry, with attention to detail every step of the way.
  4. We have the significant advantages of scale. From sourcing expertise to buying power to manufacturing efficiency to full compliance the scale of our enterprise brings you all the advantages of working with the leader.
  5. We have a full suite of certifications for almost every need. We are fully certified for NSF, NSF Sport, and TGA (Utah), and are qualified to produce certified organic products, non-GMO Project certified products, and Halel and Kosher certified products.
  6. We have a wide array of capabilities to meet your needs. From product idea through design, formulation, flavoring, sourcing, development, blending, manufacture and packaging to market, our wide range of capabilities makes it easier for you every step of the way.
  7. We operate under stringent quality control standards. From our disciplined sourcing and specifications of inbound raw materials to our in-house analytical labs that verify identity and purity and check for contaminants to our industry-leading testing and process control, our operations lead the industry in quality and safety.
  8. We excel at the production of powders, capsules and tablets. Our broad assortment of production equipment and the deep expertise of its operation give you an efficiency and quality advantage.
  9. Our sourcing and compliance is global in scale. We source over

[10,000] nutritional ingredients from around the globe, and produce products that are shipped and sold in [100] countries.

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