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Whey Protein Concentrates and Isolates 

Our Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC) and Whey Proten Isolate (WPI) are the spray dried serum proteins derived from sweet dairy whey using cold filtration processing that is concentrated to 80 – 90%. WPC and WPI are highly prized dairy proteins owing to their clean and easy to flavor profiles. They are highly water soluble and very rich in the branched-chain amino acids. Whey proteins are suitable for many applications across many market segments including sports nutrition, clinical nutrition and children’s nutrition. Whey proteins can be instantized for easy dispersion by processing with sunflower lecithin to help prevent clumping when formulating ready-to-mix (RTM) powdered beverages.

Available Products:

  • Hydrolyzed WPC 80 (10%-12%) (HLA-198)
  • Hydrolyzed WPC 80 (15%) (TemPro 80)
  • Hydrolyzed WPC 80 (15%) (WPH-15)
  • Hydrolyzed WPC 80 (3%-5%) (HLA-300)
  • Hydrolyzed WPI (10%-12%) (HLA-205)
  • Hydrolyzed WPI (3%-5%) (HLA-390)
  • Instant Hydrolyzed WPC 80 (3%-5%) (HLA-300 Instant)
  • Instant WPC 80 (WPC 80)
  • Instant WPI
  • WPC 80
  • WPI
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