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Wholesale Herbs & Extracts

Bulk tincture ordering (8 fl oz. or more) is the most cost-effective way to offer herbs to your clients. For practitioners with specialties, combining classic formulas with dui yaos, or supplementing with single herbs on site, is a great way to offer customization at a lower cost to your patients. Concluding treatment with a take home curative is a powerful compliance motivator, and leaves an impression of complete care. For store-owners and herb emporiums, self-dispensing bulk extracts give patrons an authentic apothecary experience, with a better profit margin for purveyors. We have over 350 single herb extracts from both Western and Chinese materia medica, a line of proprietary formulas, and many traditional Chinese formulas, available for bulk purchase starting at 8 fl oz. Custom formulations are offered wholesale starting at 16 fl oz. Bulk orders have a $200 minimum.