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WPC80 Whey Protein Concentrate - Lactalis Ingredients

WPC80 Whey Protein Concentrate

80% whey protein concentrate extracted via ultrafiltration of one unique mozzarella whey stream, concentration & spray drying.

Labeled : Whey protein concentrate*

*Instant versions contains lecithin and may also contain GMO.

14 % lactose

80 % protein

5.5 % fat

4 % minerals

5 % moisture

Standard 80%

Protein + | As is 76-76.5% min

Protein ++  | As is 77.5% min | only for regular






1. Highest Quality Whey Protein

Milk quality | Efficient process | Top standards

2. Top Properties

Clean flavor | White powder | Solubility | No bleaching

3. Consistent Quality

Unique whey stream | Mozzarella cheese

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