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Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin – Valensa

Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin

Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin, a uniquely stable and clinically proven supplement. Our astaxanthin begins with the microalgae Haematococcus pluvialis which is grown in a remote, pristine Chilean environment. The microalgae is extracted at our organic certified facility in Eustis, Florida using our proprietary Deep Extract® supercritical CO2 extraction process. Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin is very clean and free from solvent residues. Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin is also very stable. Valensa uses, all-natural O2B® peroxidation blocker to prevent degradation of astaxanthin during storage, encapsulation and packaging. O2B® peroxidation blocker provides Zanthin® Natural Astaxanthin with a superior four years of shelf life. These features combine to make Valensa’s Zanthin® the best astaxanthin on the market. Product offered in Oleoresin, Beadlets or Softgels.

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